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TAN to Perfection
offers indoor tanning to men and women in a private, controlled and relaxing atmosphere.  We belong to the Smart Tan Network and our #1 policy is TAN SMART – DON'T BURN.  We educate out clients on the benefits of U.V. exposure and the dangers associated with erythemia (sun-burning) and over-exposure.  TAN to Perfection staff are trained to monitor each and every tanning session for proper exposure times.

Many salons offer an unlimited tanning package, come in and let us show you how a proper, exposure based tanning package can save you time and money.   Achieving a great tan takes at least 3-4 weeks of tanning 3 days per week based on your skin type. Once you have achieved your tan you need only tan 1-2 times a  week in a properly maintained  bed to keep  it. Indoor tanning lotions are a very important part of the tanning process and we carry only quality and natural products by AUSTRALIAN GOLD,  SWEDISH BEAUTY, DESIGNER SKIN & CALIFORNIA TAN.


Our prices range from $1.00 to $20.00 a session depending on the package and type of tanning you choose.  Your first session is ALWAYS FREE, so that you may stop by, enjoy a session, and decide which package is best for you.

We have 20, 15 and 12 minute  high intensity beds and 10 minute Sun Dome booths.   We don't ever take appointments, so you don't have to rush to meet a deadline, just hop in when you need some relaxation.


Members enjoy free tans on their birthday, for referrals, and sending us postcards.  We gave away over 10,000 complimentary sessions last year!!


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