Tan to Perfection

At Tan to Perfection, education is two part


1. Educating our staff on the proper use of equipment and prescribing proper session times to ensure our clients enjoy the best tanning experience. 


2. Educating the general public on the benefits of indoor tanning and UV light exposure. 

Our staff is fully trained by Cheryl or Tim personally before they ever handle clients. After Tan to Perfection's own training segment is complete, the staff are required to complete the Smart Tan Network Certification Course, after which they must receive a minimum 97% on the examination to obtain their certificate. 

However, the education doesn’t stop there, because of advancements in tanning technology, our staff‘s education is continually updated. Tan to Perfection's staff is both qualified and professional so our clients are assured the best tanning experience possible.

Tanning is a natural process. When our skin is exposed to UV light it will begin the tanning process. Skin has the capability to tan so that it can better protect itself against over-exposure, better known as sunburn. The best environment to develop a tan while avoiding sunburn is at a qualified indoor tanning facility. At Tan to Perfection we have combined the most advance tanning equipment with very educated staff to assure our clients the securest tanning conditions.

The Positive effects of UV light exposure


UV light provides us with vitamin D which is necessary for proper calcium and magnesium absorption. Loss of bone density is due to lack of vitamin D and is prominent in areas with reduced winter sunlight and can lead to osteoporosis.

Colon, ovarian and breast cancer rates are twice as high in Northern regions compared to sunny Southern regions Lack of vitamin D is thought to be the link. 

Malignant melanoma most frequently occurs on parts of the body that are not regularly exposed to sunlight.  Regular exposure to sunlight can result in reduction in the frequency of common colds up to 40%. 


Don’t be sad! Another benefit of light therapy is the prevention of Seasonal Affective disorder or S.A.D. Better known as the winter blues.  Regular exposure to sunlight MAY relieve stress, decrease blood pressure and reduce blood cholesterol.  Psoriasis, eczema and acne MAY be controlled or reduced through UV light therapy.  A tan is the body’s natural protection from sunburn.