Tan to Perfection

If you have never been to or experienced the benefits of an indoor tanning facility, now is the time to start. As the old saying goes "Try it and you will love it"
The following are a few tips to make sure your experience is a pleasant and relaxing one.

Things to look for:

A well trained staff that understands the positive and negative effects of U.V. exposure. This includes education on indoor and outdoor tanning.

A staff that is well trained on sunless tanning. Even if your tanning facility does not offer sunless tanning, they should be able to explain the pros and cons of this service. 

A clean environment.

A staff that understands the reasons for protecting your eyes from U.V. exposure. Properly protecting your eyes from U.V. exposure is important inside and outside a tanning facility.

A tanning salon that does year round programs that promotes responsible tanning and proper skin care maintenance.

A tanning salon that offers primarily tanning as its main service. If anyone has less than 4 tanning units, it might possibly be a company that is just trying to make extra money for their business (commonly known as secondary income facilities). 

Beware of the following:

Cheap price - The general rule is that "you get what you pay for". 
Note: There is a difference between cheap price and good value. Good value can offer a lower price with great long term benefits and values.

Research shows that every year tanners flock to the cheapest price in town. If you are going to a secondary type business, you may want to consider trading the lowest price for a good value instead.

Research also shows that many consumers will change tanning facilities within a 6-8 week period after they have started their tanning process. The main reason is because they shopped for the cheapest tan when they first started their tanning process. After 6-8 weeks for many different reasons they will seek out a new tanning facility. All tanning salons are not the same. Please do your research 

Note: We want your experience in a tanning facility to be a great one. If the staff and facility you go to is not trained properly, you could have the same or similar experience happen when tanning outdoors. (a negative one). Getting a burn is no fun and is not good for your skin or for our industries reputation. 

Please go to a tanning facility that is focused on meeting your needs, desires, and is professionally trained on the tanning process as a whole.

A cheap price will normally include one or more of the following:

Old worn out tanning lamps.

Old warn out acrylics (Old acrylics can block UV light and give the tanner less than appreciated results, or cheap results).

Someone who is willing to let you tan for as long as you like and as many times as you want in a given week or perhaps within a given day. 

Note: A great tan starts with a slow process (shorter exposure times) and tanning 2-3 times a week at the most. A tan is something that is created over time. A real fast tanning process can result in over exposure and even a red look to your final results. If you want great results listen to your tanning professionals. 

Lotions that are sold cheap could be something that is old and out of date, or bought from a secondary source. 

Note: If someone offers you a product that is cheaper than usual, please take a close look at the source you are buying from. There are always exceptions, real tanning facilities may have some great values that are being offered through different "value added" year round tanning programs.

Your best bet is to find a tanning salon that talks about year round tanning, understands the complete tanning process, and is a real professional tanning facility.