Tan to Perfection


STEP 1. Never tan dry! Dry Skin requires 7 minutes to build melanin for a tanning bed to be effective. Dry tanning wastes 7 minutes of tanning time! No outdoor or drugstore lotion! Outdoor lotion is designed to protect the body from UV rays, while indoor lotion is designed to promote the body's ability to receive UV rays. Outdoor lotions and drugstore lotions also contain mineral oils that damage the acrylic and block the tanning power of the lamps. Outdoor and drugstore lotions are forbidden in any certified tanning salon.

STEP 2. Start the tanning process with your choice of the highest quality skin care lotions in the industry. The hot choices for 2010 include: Luminary, at 25 dimension bronzer, Urban Legend, made specifically for those with tattoos to protect and brighten, and a new line of paraben free, all natural products specifically for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

STEP 3. If you reach a tanning plateau there is a simple solution - lotion rotation. Change lotions are you finish each bottle. Your body can build up a tolerance, and once you switch lotions you will burst through any tanning plateau. At Tan to Perfection we market only the finest skin care lines, so whether you want a bronzer, tingle, or a pure lotion, be assured you are getting the best and freshest lotions sold in the tanning industry today.

STEP 4. Once you have taken the time to achieve that tan, do not wash it off! Protect and extend the life of your tan with the latest moisturizers such as Endless by Swedish Beauty or Forever After by Australian Gold, which will extended the life and darkness of your tan.

STEP 5. Do not bathe with soap! Harsh soaps will cause your tan to wash off before its time.

STEP 6. Tan once or twice a week and use a variety of equipment to keep your tan looking natural and dark.