Tan to Perfection


We have private Tanning Rooms.  We also have a private vanity/rest room located in
the rear of the salons.


We are committed to customer satisfaction.  Our binding policy, to best address
your concerns efficiently and thoroughly, is what keep our customers coming back.

Knowledgeable, professional and courteous management and staff! Whether you're
new to indoor tanning or not, we coach you to build your tan.  We start you off with
appropriate session times to reduce risk of overexposure.  Each bed is controlled by a remote timer system for your safety!  We'll also teach you how to avoid overexposure and sunburn whether tanning indoors or outside in the sun.


We clean and sanitize our tanning beds before and after each use. We supply you
with towels and sanitized protective eye wear.   We have Central Air Conditioning for your comfort. Each private tanning room also runs it's own fan to adjust temperature to your own preferences.


We only use tanning beds from Wolff Systems, Wolff tanning beds are the BEST,
and the only beds we use! TAN to Perfection provides the area's 'smartest' tan.


NO LAMP in our salon is used to it's fully rated time. We dispose of them at half their

rated life, and replace them with brand new ones, to assure our customers
the best results ALL the time.
Indoor tanning salons provide an element of control not possible when tanning outdoors.
Anti tanning naysayers who claim it's best to avoid tanning facilities are missing the point. The indoor tanning industry's claim is this: For people who want to tan, indoor tanning units give you the control over the frequency and duration of your exposure. With such control, you reduce the risk of getting a damaging sunburn. That's the key. The most credible research to date shows that sunburn, not moderate tanning, is responsible for sun related skin disorders. In fact moderate tanning is actually your skin's natural, albeit limited, defense against sunburn.


Generally, people who work indoors are more susceptible to sunburn than those who work outdoors. Outdoor workers also have a lower incidence of skin cancer. Tans help protect them against permanent skin damage. 'Smart Tan Salons' can say with pride that they're the smartest salon in town.


Our salon is proud to be a member of the International Smart Tan Network, a consortium of indoor tanning salons dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards.